◦RS11 AKA Rainbow Sherbert #11

◦Lineage: Sunset Sherbert x OZK Pheno #11

◦Lineage / Strain Description: Aroma is a complex mix of sweet Candy notes from the Rainbow Sherbert and Gas from the OZK. Nose is a mix of sharp, sweet, and musky gassy notes.  Big round buds that have a purple-ish hue with bright orange hairs. Terpprofile comes thru from dry pull to the smoke. Sherby Candy Gas and delicate citrus notes all the way thru.


◦RS54 AKA Rainbow Sherbert #54

◦Lineage  / Strain  Description: Sunset Sherbert x OZK Pheno #54

◦Lineage Description: Similar to it’s sister the RS11 bout also completely different. Aroma is again a complex mix but heavier on the sweet Candy Rainbow Sherbert with a Gassier OZK. Nose is as a mix of sharp, sweet, and musky gassy notes.  Buds are dark purple with green hues covered in white resinous trichome crystals.


◦Lineage: Thin Mint x The Original Z 

◦Lineage  / Strain Description: Zangria by Wizard Trees and Fiya Farmer. Inspired by trips to Barcelona and lots of Sangria, the local Wine punch made with Fresh Fruit, Wine, and berries.  The Aroma fits the name perfectly. Intense berry and citrus notes reminiscent of The Original Z mixed with sharp cookie notes layered in cherry pineapple and red wine. A  thick, rich, full-flavored smoke with a deep flavor of earthy cherry-rich red wine notes. While in contrast, the exhale has lingering berry and red wine notes.


◦Lineage: Rainbow Sherbert V2 (Sunset Sherbert x OZK) x Pink Guava #16 x F2 Pheno 21 

◦Lineage  / Strain Description:  Buds have deep purple hues and long curly orange hairs covered in a whitish thick layer of resinous trichome crystals. The nose is complex mix of sweet fruit and sharp herbal notes. The inhale taste like sweet candy  mixed  funky guava notes and delicate hints of Sherbert.

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