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Welcome to Wizard Trees! We’re an LA-based cannabis cultivator and breeder, known for quality driven in-house strains and genetics that are sought after worldwide. Grown in smaller batches compared to commercial grows, we take an artisanal approach to growing cannabis to deliver the best quality flower that checks all the marks.
All our in-house strains were bred by Wizard Trees or a family of breeders that we trust wholeheartedly and have strong long-lasting relationships with. Wizard Trees is fortunate to call some of the best breeders in the world family. Collaborations with the most legendary breeders like Deep East, have resulted in the award winning Zoap, which is now world renowned, and Zangria by Fiya Farmer, is well on its way to accomplishing the same.

Why wizard trees?

Wizard Trees strains like RS11, Zangria, CREAM RS54 and the multiple award winning Zoap are considered to be some the best cannabis strains in the world.
We consider ourselves taste makers in the cannabis world, and we are constantly evolving in this ever-changing industry. Our Wizard Trees team is always searching for new terps and distinct flowers, and we’re continuously breeding and popping seeds on the hunt for new and exceptional genetics. We are Constantly curating, and we expect to drop all new flavors in the fall of 2022 that are bred in house at Wizard Tree's Genetics.
We always want to contribute to the culture and spread the magic, so in 2022 Wizard Trees started releasing the first drops from Wizard Trees Genetics with the first official clone drop of RS11 in collaboration with Doja, Deo and Seedjunky Jbeezy! As our line up grows, we will continue to release genetics from our classics line up and ever evolving strains.
Wizard Trees has a strong engagement with our family and supporters. We show up and get to know the people that love what we do on a personal level. Stop by and say “hi” and at our next pop-up or store event! Let’s chat about cultivating, flower, and this amazing culture of innovators we all belong to.

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